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summarize a paragraph

If you need to summarize a paragraph, you may find it difficult to do without having to stress yourself. Well, true enough, it may be a daunting task, but it certainly is something that you can achieve by enabling yourself to know or be familiar with some key steps that you may do when you have to summarize this paragraph. Keep in mind that you need to focus on particular worthy keywords while ignoring the other unnecessary ones.

Key Steps on How to Epitomize a Content

Normally, you would be asked by your instructor to do certain tasks at school or even at home, which includes case studies or writing essays that include summarize paragraph tasks. With that in mind, you should equip yourself with the best help or helpful tips so that you can do such a task successfully. The recommendations listed on this post would surely help you to understand how to summarize a paragraph even if you have to do it sentence by sentence.

Look at the following key steps and learn which of the mentioned steps you missed previously in your work so that now you can successfully incorporate them into your writing process.

  1. You can start by reading it once, but keep in mind that you do not have to highlight or circle any text. The logic behind doing this is to get a general thought of what the author’s purpose is and what the subject is. You need to pay close attention to what or why the author wrote the chapter.
  2. The next key step is to re-read the text, but this time you need to look for words or phrases that may have been repeated by the author. For sure, there would be certain words, particularly keywords that the author may have repeated numerous times.
  3. You have started to in the second step, so it is now time for you to cross out or eliminate any unnecessary words, phrases or information in a particular chapter. Keep in mind that it is not the same words that you are going to omit for any other parts of the content. In order to finish successfully and still keeping its thoughts and ideas intact, you need to sum up the whole, not just the details written in it.

These tips would surely help you with such tasks. It is meant to help you summarize my paragraph and achieve good grades at school whenever you present your work regarding the narration of a text.

Now, start practicing today so you can be a master of it tomorrow! Write with us right now if you don’t want to wait!