How to Summarize Text: Guide for Mastering

summarize text

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As a writer, whether you are a veteran or a newbie in the industry, you are normally asked to summarize the text by your publisher for a certain report or post with an understanding that you must avoid plagiarism at all times. However, in your field as a writer, a summary is often called as notes with a thinking that it is only for your own use. True enough, it serves for that purpose, but you must keep in mind that the article your followers or readers get to read actually depends on your notes or the way you summarize the text about certain events or articles.

Summarizing a text: How it’s done

When summarizing a text, events for your report or writing a summary paper, whether in print or broadcast media, a good layout will always be a good start for any task you may have to do. What you may have written or summarized in your notes will allow you to assess and recall things better as you go on your way to finalizing your article or report.

Why don’t you use the following guidelines to summarize text that will lead you through the difficult and complicated process:

  • Before you start to summarize the text, you must make a note for all the sources that you have. For books, journals or articles you need to write the following information that includes the author, publisher, title, edition of the book and the publication date.
  • When summarizing a text, you must also write as clear as you can and as much as possible, you need to leave a space between every single note that you write. What this does is that it allows you to recall things better and easier.
  • What’s also going to help you summarize text a lot better is using a new page for every set of notes that you have. This will help in storing and identifying them for later use would surely do you good. Make sure that you label and title them appropriately.
  • Your final key step and the most important thing to remember here is the need for you to write only on one side of each page. Be sure that you get to number each of it. The reason why you should leave the other side blank is for you to have some space when you need to make additions in the future.

Here you go some tips for summarizing an article, follow them and don’t waste your time anymore.

These are the key things that you should remember to summarize the text successfully. See to it that you carefully read and understand what you need to summarize.

Now, go ahead and start summarizing today! Summarize text today and get all your assignments finished!