Top Tips for Summarizing an Article

tips for summarizing an article

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Articles summaries do provide readers an in-depth idea about your sources, especially if you are able to follow the best tips for summarizing an article. The summary you should do for an article should give them an understanding of what they are reading in a way that it is more thorough and rather complete compared to a direct quote or paraphrase. If you feel like you still need some help about summarizing an article, check out the tips listed below.

Top tips for summarizing an article

When it comes to summarizing process, the following tips to summarize an article is what is currently trending among students or professionals who are assigned to do such things. Now, for you to get started in summarizing a report, essay or experiment, you may consider the following recommendations. Go ahead and look at it right now if you don’t know

Go ahead and look at it right now if you don’t know how to summarize an academic article. 4 tips containing all the essentials will help you along the way!

  1. The first tips for summarizing an article is the need for you to scan or highlight an article that you need to summarize. What you must do before you sit down in front of it for long hours is to highlight and identify important keywords and major points written in the article. You also need to take note of its purpose as well as the question asked.
  2. After marking down keywords or major points in it, you can now read the article thoroughly. This tip to summarize an article requires that you get a full understanding of what you have read, so if you must, read it a few times.
  3. The next tips for summarizing an article call for the need to take notes. Here is where you should write down important facts or significant details about the article you are summarizing. Make sure to write it down in your own words so that you get to avoid any cases of plagiarism.
  4. The last tip to summarize an article that you can consider is to summarize each section of the article you have read. To help you perform this step successfully, summarize the main thought of it in a single sentence.

That’s it. You are equipped with the best tip to summarize an article. Make sure that you carefully read and understood each section of the article you’re summarizing so that you won’t go wrong with the task you have at hand and won’t need anyone to rewrite my paper.

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